Well sort of. What's it called when someone else gives you an idea or suggestion but it still leads you to a "eureka" moment? Well I have no idea but wonderful friend Art, came up with this.  I will now be sharing my work in progress so you can see the paintings I'm working on. I will photograph each layer or big part of the progression. But to still give you some element of surprise when you see the actual pieces at my next show, I won't show the very last part of the finished piece. Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures of some of my newer pieces so this will be going forward with the one I just started last week.

So, here's the first 5 parts of the my current piece. Tada!

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  1. Monica - how long does you process take once you have completed your preliminary design process and begin the work of producing the painting? This looks extremely intricate. It is lovely and I look forward to the next progression! - Diane

  2. D - Well, once I start the piece on the canvas in actual working hours only about 20 to 30 hours. However, the time it takes in real life for me to squeeze in those 20 hours into my life may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It all depends on how busy I am or more importantly, how disciplined I am. Which is what I'm working on. Working more consistently and on more or less on a daily basis is my current goal.

    Hope that answered your question. Thanks for stopping by and I too am looking forward to the progress, this piece has me VERY excited!

  3. As the images were loading I was hit in the face like a hot wind in the desert. This is a "Spring" image. Just in time I guess. When this is completamente it will be Spring indeed. ;)

    Also on a somewhat unrelated note. I feed the fish but they don't grow or multiply. WTF..?!! ;0 ;~) hehe..

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