New sketches!

Here's a few new sketches. The new painting is in progress. I'm very excited!

Let me know which one you like! Hopefully I've made it a little easier for you. All you have to do is click on a little button to your right! Update - Voting closed. Sketch number 2 got the most votes. Thank you to all who voted!

3 comments :: New sketches!

  1. nice new voting contraption! I'm so impressed that you are able to figure out how to put this on your blog. These new sketches remind me of optical illusions, very cool and imaginative!

  2. I like #1 as well but had to make a choice. :) I think they'd all look great in color though. Very cool.

  3. Diane you're so cute! I'm glad you're impressed but I must confess I can do it because Blogger has pretty much made it very easy for me. Thanks for stopping by!

    Cathey - Thanks for voting! Yes, color will come soon!

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