Everyday? Yes...EVERYDAY!!!

Inspired by some fellow artists I found on Twitter, I've decided to commit to making some kind of progress with my artwork every single day. They started something called draw365, where they've committed to draw something everyday and post it. I don't always draw per se, and it's something I don't do everyday either. Depends on where I'm at with a painting and what mood I'm in. But I can definitely relate to the need to commit to making some kind of progress every single day. It's so easy to get caught up in the every day necessities and neglect our art. It's actually been my biggest struggle. Discipline and consistency is what I've always lacked.

So my commitment is this. Make progress EVERY day. Whether it be an hour on my current painting, an hour sketching, taking pictures, etc. Any kind of time spent on my goal of getting out of the rat race and entering the world of profitable art, will be the goal. I'll take pictures everyday but not post everyday. I'll probably post updates that include pics of several days.

And yes, if I don't clean as I meant to, cook as I intended, exercise, etc. everyday...oh well...my men will understand I'm sure.

This is my progress on current painting today January 5 at 5:08 p.m. Almost done with second layer. Until I add about 2 more layers of color, the progress wont be too exciting. Once I start adding the accent colors and shading...that's when the fun really begins. So...please stay tuned!

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  1. Good for you Monica! I like the concept of a team approach from which to get a recharge of inspiration. Your artwork is very organic and so fluid. I love checking in here!! Happy 2010-- Diane

  2. Thanks D! I'm hoping this self imposed peer pressure keeps me productive. Wish you and your honey all the best this year!!!

  3. Your work is beautiful on its own. The fact that it's you that's making it makes it a super treat to be a part of in some process kind of way. I've said it before I'm no art student per se but I'm just certain your work is truly unique and will appear in college text books in the future bearing your name as its creator! Your faithful M&M Abstract Art Devotee. ;)

  4. Thanks Art! I hope your certainty is as solid as our friendship!

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