Not that kind of penetration!

The title to this piece is "Penetration". When I initially showed this piece in San Antonio in 2007 the title alone drew some attention. It can be taken in a literal way and being that graphically speaking there is some insertion of sorts going on in the painting, it's about so much more. What I really love about this painting/sketch is that it came to me without me knowing what it meant. It was only as I looked back at my life and took notice that it all made sense. These kind of subconscious surprises are what really gets me excited when creating anything. When we can allow our minds to disconnect in a way in which just our creativity flows through us and produces something without thought its actual magic!

I've now realized that this sketch and painting represent how I feel when someone new enters my life in a way that I am forever changed by the new feelings that have been born in me. How someone's energy joins yours to make something that didn't exist before.How someone leaves a print on your soul forever becoming a part of you. It is an amazing gift when you are lucky enough to connect with someone at this level and I am forever grateful when someone gives me this gift.

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  1. I love it!!!!!!

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