Join in the creation of my next piece!

Now that I've shared more about my process and hopefully helped you experience my sketches/paintings instead of trying to "figure them out", I'd like to introduce the next step to my new direction. I'd like to invite you to participate in the creation of my next piece. Your participation will be in choosing the next sketch and in choosing the colors or color scheme. I of course will execute the piece and document each step so that you can follow my progress and see your choices come to life! 

During the following two weeks I'll be posting some of my recent sketches so that you can vote from a grouping, that will then give us the finalists and the from there a final voting for the sketch that I will then paint. Before I start the painting though, there will be a similar yet quicker process to choose the colors or color scheme based on your ideas and votes.

To vote for your favorite sketch, please reply with a comment and vote for 1, 2 or 3 accordingly in the order in which you see them. Please only vote for the one you like the most.
If I get enough participation I will be doing a give away of a signed print, details to follow in the next post.

Thank you all in advance and please help me get more participation by doing one or all of the following:

1.Share it on the right hand navigation bar and choose Twitter or Facebook...or both!
2.Send this blog post to all your email contacts.
3. Follow me on Twitter ( and RT the update about this post.

26 comments :: Join in the creation of my next piece!

  1. 3

  2. Hi Monica!!!!

    I really like #3 and know it is going to be the winner...I can feel it!!!


  3. No.3 and I want to be your number 1 giveaway winner

  4. I like number 1 the best!!! I have never seen that one!

  5. I love #1!


  6. Me gusta el #3, en cuanto a los colores, pues ya debes imaginarlo... morados, rosas, lilas... jejejeje

    I like #3, about color, you can imagine my choices... purple, pinks....

    (Hasta bilingüe resulté!!!) besos!!!

  7. Thank you everyone that has voted so far. Hopefully more will soon!

  8. #1, 2 butt cheeks together. That one gets my vote. Oh, and pick me as the winner.

  9. 3 and keep it black and white....hmmmm....I feel a song coming on.

  10. I like the second one...and I think it would look even prettier if the colors were hot pink and lime green. :)

  11. I like number 2 because I like swirly stuff. :)

  12. I disagree with Maggie. >:oP ha ha ha
    #3 is the best. I can see it with contrasting shades of green.. like a dark olive green and a lighter olive green.. maybe a touch of another color like orange or black.

  13. Really like number 3!

  14. I like #1 but it could have something to do with it matching my bedroom ;)

  15. Hi,
    I like 3, then 2, then 1
    Thank you for sharing.

  16. I likes #3...

  17. Looks like #3 might be the winner; it's got my vote.

  18. Looks like #3 might be the winner; it's got my vote.

  19. I like #3

  20. 3,1,2...i like that #1 has a color, but they are all good!

  21. # 2

  22. I favor #2

  23. 3 is the magic number.

  24. I prefer number one

  25. #3

  26. #4 I want to see a KITTY!!! A grey one with blue eyes. Hows that for a direction vata?!?! ;0 ;~) ;)~ .... otherwise tres.. ;/ ;)

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