Twist, twist, twist...glue!


So here are the first 3 I've made. My goal is to make at least10, ideally 12. Once I'm done I'll probably add some glitter to make 'em sparkle!

Can I stay focused?


I'm almost finished with the new canvas and although in the first round of votes I got a pretty good response, I thought I'd put these out just in case! Let me know which ones you like out of these and then we'll see. If you have any color suggestions, requests or ideas, please let me know.

Once I do start on the new piece I'll be taking pictures of the process and sharing so you can see how it happens. If I get stuck along the way with color choices, shading etc. I may ask for your help with that too!

Although the holidays will soon try to get in the way of my progress, I'm hoping I can stay focused. I have been a tad obsessed in the past few days with making paper snowflake ornaments. They're awesome!


The Art of Preparing a Meal

So its one of the things that has given me quiet moments of joy and satisfaction. I remember back when I was making a lot less money, struggling on my own to make ends meet, trying to get the latest video game for Alex and still having to figure out every day, what the hell where we going to have for dinner. Some days I'd get lucky and Mom would have something for us. Some days I'd leave work way late, get through traffic and then have to settle for some fast food crap. But some days, many really, I would have the time to make us dinner. Dinner was never elaborate or fancy, it was what we liked. I remember while we sat and ate, how proud I would feel that my son and I were eating a meal that I had prepared. Even if it was just pork chops with a side of mac and cheese, he loved it! I felt mostly grateful and blessed that I could provide for us, even it was just a simple meal. I felt honored and privileged to have a life that allowed me to make dinner happen for us.

So these days, although my situation is different, I still enjoy it all the same. And more than enjoy it, I feel lucky. On the days I make dinner for the four of us now, it makes me very happy to see them finish their home cooked meal. Knowing that I made it with love, knowing that its good for them because it's not fast food, knowing that their bodies will be better for it.

So all of you who cook for your loved ones, do it with pride, do it with joy and know that you are doing something good. For those of you who had food served to them, thank the person who has prepared a meal for you. 


No aggression or pressure this time...ok just a little!


I never was good at sales. I rock at customer service but hate "selling". I guess it comes from my heritage. Mexicans (especially women) are very much into serving, taking care of people or just being accommodating. In many ways and especially for the people close in my life, I am here to serve! And yes, sometimes I take on more than I can handle without going nuts but...crazy is fun!

So this time no contest, no prizes. Just tell me which one you like, if you like, if you feel like it. It is interesting to see ya'll pick the one I didn't think you would. I am excited about making my next piece because it will be created because some of you DID tell me what you liked.

This whole sharing thing and having other people help me pick the next sketch is very cool. This time if you have color ideas or preferences they are welcome too.

Thanks everyone for participating and being with me on my journey!


I obsess about being productive. I obsess about things I need to buy. I obsess about finishing/starting a painting. I obsess about my progress as an artist. I obsess about my gray hair.

I've been obsessing and obsessing my entire life I'm sure. Oddly enough though, I just realized it! Whats most amazing is that its my obsessive personality that has given me my art. How or why else would I be able to fill entire pages with nothing but dashes? Why is it that I get an image/design in my head and can't let it go until I see what it will look like once I've sketched in my obsessive style? Because I'm obsessed with my technique, style, visual/artistic addiction! So, it is thanks to my obsessiveness that I can create what I do. The day I stop obsessing, I'll stop creating. Doubt that could happen because it is who I am. And even though we are mostly made up of the sum of our experiences, what we do, what we think and how we process those experiences ultimately makes who we are. So now that I know one more little thing about myself, what do I do with it? Hopefully I will choose to obsess about positive things. Obsess about things that will benefit me. Too many times I obsess about things that hurt or can otherwise distract me from current goals. Not smart.
So, for now, I'll stop obsessing about obsessing and focus thoughts on all the good in my life.

Here's an example of how from one thought, after some mild obsession...I end up driving myself nuts!

I had no idea that I was illustrating my obsessive mind, when making this. What a nice surprise!