Making connections

One of the biggest thrills I get when I open up my studio to visitors is connecting with new people. I’m not talking about just meeting people, I’m talking about making an actual connection that leaves me with a fuzzy and warm feeling. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of connecting with some new fans--and in my view, new friends--that has left me smiling from the inside out. I feel so incredibly grateful when someone shares their personal time with me and chooses to express positive thoughts about my work and makes an effort to learn a little more about me and not just my art. To make some of the encounters more special, I even got hugs from people I had just met! I felt wonderful when this adorable little girl hugged me tight and thanked me. Her mother even said to me, “Thank you for inspiring my little girl!”.  Wow! I have no words and thinking about it gives me chills. Knowing you’ve influenced someone in a positive way like that is priceless and truly memorable.

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