Explanation of the title, Blue Bulbous

When finishing a piece I have struggled with two things consistently, the title and whether or not to sign it. I just noticed I used the word “struggled” as in, in I used to. And so it is because I am no longer going back and forth with either of those subjects. If you know me or have read my blog, I tend to obsess over such decisions which sometimes get me further away from resolution instead of helping.
Well thanks to various blogs I've found on both subjects, I will never have doubts again. In regards to titles, I decided to start explaining my titles as part of the creative process. A new piece never starts and ends on the canvas. There is so much more that happens before and sometimes after that is part of what led me to create the piece exactly as it has turned out. Just like every decision that you’ve made in your life has created the moment you’re in right now, the same with everything that led me to sharing a new piece with you.
With Blue Bulbous it started off as a pen and ink sketch that had no title. When I was making it, I did not intend it to be a flower or have petals it just turned into that as I added more and more to the first shape I dotted out. When I’m sketching I’m usually thinking more of the composition and how the different elements interact with each other without a goal to work towards.  It’s like an experiment to see what my technique will create when I start with certain shapes. The element of not knowing what the final result will be is one of my biggest motivators. I just love a surprise!
At the beginning of September when I found out that I was going to participate in a fundraiser, I started looking at my sketches to start on a new piece. A few stood out, some new ones and a couple of old ones. I knew I had to get started soon and instead of obsessing over which one to pick for days on end, I thought I’d ask the opinion of my cousin Maggie. She is not artist but is one of my biggest fans and I always appreciate her honesty in any matter.  So, I directed her to the Sketches page (in the Gallery page) to see if one stood out. After making comments on several and really looking at them, she got to one and said, “Ooh, look at that bulbous looking one”, or something very close to that. I immediately knew which one she was talking about when she said “bulbous”. So I had to use that word in the title. Thank you Maggie!

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