What do you hoard?

I've been trying to figure out why I'm fascinated by these damn shows about hoarders. The first one I started watching is on A&E and now TLC has one too! First I was a little embarrassed to admit that I was fascinated by these shows because I thought it was just the typical rubber-necker syndrome that I was guilty of. Turns out its much more than that. I started paying attention to my thoughts as I watch the show,  more than anything I felt how much I either identified with the hoarder or at times judged them. We all do it to some degree I'm sure, I can admit it.

Amongst the several recurring themes that play in my head is the imperfections we all learn to live with. We learn to live with not only our own imperfections but with the ones of our loved ones. Some of us have bigger imperfections than others or I should say, more obvious ones. With these people who hoard for example, their imperfection has an immediate physical consequence for everyone to see. Some of us are lucky to have imperfections that we can hide. It comes down to something we cannot control no matter how much we try or want to. Some of us can't control our spending, some drinking or other vices. Some can't control their need to control. It's about compulsions, obsessions, cravings we can't ignore.

In one way or another though, I think many of us hoard something. How's your email inbox looking? How's your closet? What about needless numbers in your phone? And yes, these kind of "collections" don't take over your house nor will you find a dead cat under them, but....they tend to get neglected and neglected and suddenly....it piles up! I have learned over the years to discard things as I no longer needed them, or more importantly no longer needed to lug boxes of crap from one place to another. Being that I've moved constantly, I've learned that it is so much easier when you have less crap. And as the years pile up, I seem to need to be more and more orderly in my life. Maybe it takes a while to learn that more stuff does not mean more happiness or success.

Speaking of obsessions...here's some pics of my latest ones! My latest painting and a baby blanket for Miles. I figured a scarf for a baby was not such a good idea!

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  1. sooo true, monica. i'm fascinated by those shows too and have watched them several times. at first it started out by some weird fascination of the "morbid" and by how convinced i was that my mom would wind up on that show (it's a running family joke - she still saves vhs tapes even though we don't have a vcr). but then i saw how sad some of the stories were, and how they're battling an illness similar to others (like the show intervention). everything you touched on here is very true. i hoard lots of things no one ever sees. but because i've moved a lot, i've learned to just let things go. if i haven't used it in 3 years, just toss it!

  2. Hey Cathey! I feel for your Mom...as I've been the running joke on occasion! Oh and don't get me started on "Intervention", another one of my guilty pleasures. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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