What the hell?????

Hmm. Where to begin. Talk about falling off the bloggin' wagon! Or is it on the wagon? I always forget how that saying goes. ANYway...yes, I've been a total blogger slacker! I go through phases of a new thing/obsession and I never really know how long it will last. Not that I'm done with my bloggin' phase, it just interfered with other new things that are happening. Excuses? No, simply reasons for which I slacked on my writing. Also, it seems that from one day to the next, I simply do not have enough time to do everything I want to in one day.

Since my birthday I've picked up 3 new things that consume my time. First, the fulfillment of a life-long dream that I've had since I can remember. You know how little girls wish for a pony? Well, this little girl always wished for a piano. Being that my parents had gypsy stuck up their butts, and we moved constantly, it was never quite practical. Well this past Xmas, Santa brought us a digital piano and I started my lessons a week after my birthday. It's been a slow process to learn music. It's odd that my two brothers and my son know so much about music and I knew nothing. I didn't know how to read a single note! Well, I'm learning all that and its so cool to be learning something so completely foreign to me. Strange also that I could not imagine my life without music and it's taken me this long to learn it completely. My teacher says I'm learning very quickly, although I'm pretty sure she says that to all her students, that are all children by the way!

Around the same time I read a fellow bloggers post about knitting with her family. It made me find some yarn and start to crochet again. I'm not experienced at all and learned how to crochet a very long time ago. I learned only a few stitches (if thats even what they're called) but thought just practicing the little I know would get me past the craving. Well, I'm still doing it!. Funny thing is I haven't learned anything new because I like doing the same thing over and over. And uh...well I have a crapload of scarves now! I've actually started what will be a blanket by next winter. We'll see!

And the third time suck activity is that I signed up to be a volunteer at the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston. Granted I've only actually worked at one event so far, its added to my responsibilities. Tomorrow I'll be at the Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park doing "artist relief" at the booths. I should admit that I have a bit of a hidden agenda with this volunteer assignment. I've been toying with the idea of doing this kind of show so I'm going to check it out for that purpose. I just don't know if my pieces would work with this kind of show being that all the work is displayed in booths. I'd have to make smaller pieces or get my stuff reproduced on prints. So that will be a major decision because it would take some financial commitment to go about the print process. We'll see on that too. My next post will probably be about the show.

One thing that I have not slacked on, although maybe slowed down as far as the actual painting goes, is my art. I got a new tablet thing that is my latest art related obsession. It's soooooo freakin' cool! I have to practice on it a lot more so that my strokes are more uniform but so far I really love it.

I did finish the last piece that's mostly purple and below is just a detail of the finished piece. You'll have to come to my next show to see the whole thing. Also I've included some sketches I've done on the tablet. This sketch will be my next painting which I hope to start this weekend.

So...I'm back!