I'm doing it!

Look Ma, I'm doing it! But with hands of course. I've been pretty good this week at making progress everyday. Here you can see the progress I've made on the painting along with a new sketch I've been working on in between. The really fun part is about to begin on the painting. I can't wait!

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  1. Hi Monica - great progress. This lovely painting reminds me of holding hands. It seems very happy. And your sketch is very dramatic!

  2. D - Holding hands? Hmmm...I like that! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmmm.. I see intestines. Pretty, soft, purple intestines.. ;0 ;~) ..the sketch has a nice Vertigo/007 thing going for it. ;)

    You would be very proud of me. We are redoing the inside paneling of our Lava Lamp Forest Cube with new hanging fluorescent cloth flag things. My contribution is a representation of a classic neon martini. It's coming out quite well!

    Ohh!! YAY! Your main site is back up! I love that site. Nice darknesses and stuff. ;)

  4. Me encantaron!! y claro, con tintes morados, pues seguro que haría fan!!!!! El 4to, en negro, me fascinó!!! Se ve la posibilidad, la luz en un laberinto, dentro de la posible incertudunbre, exite siempre la luz!!! Te quiero!!! Lizly

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