No aggression or pressure this time...ok just a little!

I never was good at sales. I rock at customer service but hate "selling". I guess it comes from my heritage. Mexicans (especially women) are very much into serving, taking care of people or just being accommodating. In many ways and especially for the people close in my life, I am here to serve! And yes, sometimes I take on more than I can handle without going nuts but...crazy is fun!

So this time no contest, no prizes. Just tell me which one you like, if you like, if you feel like it. It is interesting to see ya'll pick the one I didn't think you would. I am excited about making my next piece because it will be created because some of you DID tell me what you liked.

This whole sharing thing and having other people help me pick the next sketch is very cool. This time if you have color ideas or preferences they are welcome too.

Thanks everyone for participating and being with me on my journey!

4 comments :: No aggression or pressure this time...ok just a little!

  1. I like #3

  2. I like #1 and #3 for sort of the same reasons. i like the movement, particularly in #1. i do like #2 for its delicate quality, looks like a fragile flower.

  3. Monica - I like #1. Good to see your still doing the artist thing and from what I hear, having some success. Congrats!

    Rob (from Travelocity)

  4. Hmmm.. I like #1 and #3.. hard to decide between them. Kind of a Mother Natures Tear and Mother Natures Sawblade action going on in my head. ;)~ ..probably cause of the greeness of it. Though somehow I think I would get that regardless of color. ;/ ;) #2 is like a slightly under nourished flower that wants more.

    So after much deliberation... #1. ;)

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