Can I stay focused?

I'm almost finished with the new canvas and although in the first round of votes I got a pretty good response, I thought I'd put these out just in case! Let me know which ones you like out of these and then we'll see. If you have any color suggestions, requests or ideas, please let me know.

Once I do start on the new piece I'll be taking pictures of the process and sharing so you can see how it happens. If I get stuck along the way with color choices, shading etc. I may ask for your help with that too!

Although the holidays will soon try to get in the way of my progress, I'm hoping I can stay focused. I have been a tad obsessed in the past few days with making paper snowflake ornaments. They're awesome!


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  1. Wow. I'm glad I stopped by to take a look! The second is my favorite but I love all three. I've done abstract art on and off for years, always interrupted by writing. You make me want to get back to my sketchpad and canvas. Awesome work.

  2. Thank you Cathey! Hope to see some of your new work soon!

  3. love all 3! #3 is my personal favorite. like the cirlicue swirls, great movement. just like young tendrils on a creeping vine, very organic and feminine. Fabulous work! I got the urge to start making decorations too - I've been making garland out of starfish shapes cut from cardstock and wrapping paper connected with rafia. Just like you, it has become a mild obsession! -Diane

  4. Thanks Diane! Have fun with your Xmas décor! Maybe we'll see some pics?

  5. Design+1.jpg - A dark evening blue
    Playing.jpg - Dark blue inside the tear drops and a light sky blue outside of them
    Design+4.jpg - Orange!

    ;0 ;)

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